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New areas, new ideas for mission, discipleship & outreach

"Pioneering, or reaching out from church and acting as church in a new and fresh way is a necessary  part of today's Christian Landscape."

Our Easter Cross and Prophetic Accidents

It can feel very risky and uncomfortable to ask a church to put a huge cross in the middle of their lawn. Especially when that cross is 'considerably larger' than you anticipated.

The local vision was for a cross at the centre of a labyrinth which led us through the Holy Week narrative. It would be near the garden entrance. It would be visible and accessible to the local community. The intention was for it to be a temporary structure lasting up to 3 weeks.

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A Light Fantastic 

The Day the Clocks Went Back​

We knew it would be chilly and had been asking the church people to be preparing themselves for a couple of hours outside - bring blankets and hot water-bottles, find your winter hats and scarves and bring your friends, family and neighbours along for a festival style event... 

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