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Holy Week

Ideas & Reflections for Good Friday and Holy Week

Holy Week is an opportunity to take a

multi-sensory approach to worship. Using a variety of visual and tactile media, the week is rich in symbolism and gesture as we get to grips with the mystery and wonder of the journey, surrender and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.


Look Properly


I don’t want to dwell on Good Friday

Because those few hours of

pain make no sense to me:

That God who is Perfect Love

Should leave splendour and awe and heavenly realm

To walk in dust, wear crown of thorns,

Be beaten and hung upon the cross

Hated and despised, To Die.


To look too hard upon Good Friday

Will shine a light upon my soul

And find it bruised and scarred by sin,

Made unlovely and broken by the things I’ve done

And those things done to me

Of which I never speak.


To look too hard upon Good Friday draws me in

To search the depths inside me,

To let Good Friday touch my hidden places of

Sorrow and Pain, Personal Agony and Fear-

And to let His Love that takes it all

Unclip the long-held hurts

Unhook the secret sin and shame

Unzip the cache of guarded guilt.


I don’t want to dwell upon Good Friday

As Jesus hung and died upon the cross,

Nor see him die my sinner’s death

To feel the searing separation of his Father’s wrath.


Cry real tears upon Good Friday!

And grieve for this great loss,

That it cost Perfect Love to die

For you to be forgiven-

Your heart be unclipped from all it held

Your spirit be restored to purity

Your soul be washed, made new, by Jesus’ blood.


And when you have dwelt for long enough

Under the shadow of the Cross’s grace

And have let it do its eternal work within you-

Then you may live in the Glory of Easter

Knowing that the answer to your question is

‘Perfect Love’.

© Catherine Hutton 

 20th March 2012

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