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Tales of Ordinary Adventures in Everyday Life

Where are you Littlebody?

by evangeline epiphany


Littlebody was in the park playing football with his friends, he had taken possession of the ball and was eyeing up the defence, looking for a way through. A voice caught his attention,

"Where are you Littlebody?

And he lost focus, slammed into the large defender who had moved towards him and fell backwards into the mud.


"Sorry!" he shouted at his team as he ran towards the voice.

"Where are you, Littlebody?"


It was his friend, Simon. "Hey! play hide and seek with us?"

So Littlebody joined in and it wasn't long before it was his turn to be the seeker. 

He counted to 100, without cheating, and began to look for his friends who were hiding in the woods... 

He had been looking for a little while and thinking that his friends were very good at hiding when he heard a voice calling, 

"Where are you, Littlebody?"


Littlebody was so distracted by the voice that he completely forgot what he was doing and went off towards the voice, which happened to be his Grandad.

"We're going to our house for tea!" declared Grandad in a happy voice... Littlebody glanced over his shoulder at the woods and then shrugged. "Ok!" He said. "Let's go!"


At his grandparent's home, he washed his hands and helped Granny set the table. It was his favourite ... Sausages and mash with a whole bottle of tomato sauce. 

Apple crumble was finishing off in the oven and the custard was ready. Littlebody was happy. He demolished the sausages, and wiped the smear of ketchup from his face in anticipation of pudding. Granny brought bowls of crumble from the kitchen and set a particularly large and crumbly one in front of him. 

Littlebody sighed in appreciation and leaned over for the custard jug. He was just pouring it over his crumble when his phone rang, making him jump with shock. The jug fell to the floor and Granny's rug was covered in custard!


"Where are you Littlebody?"


demanded the voice on the phone. It was Mrs Whojits from next door. Littlebody had promised to get her some shopping, hours before, and had been sidetracked by a game of football.


"Sorry Granny! Gotta go!" He declared as he ran from the room, leaving custardy footprints all through the kitchen. He arrived at the shop, a little out of breath, the shopping list still on Granny's table. He threw what he could remember into a basket as he ran round the aisles, a burst flour bag and some slightly leaky milk already forming a paste in its corner.


In the queue for the checkout, Littlebody's phone rang again

"Where are you, Littlebody?"

It was his mum. And she sounded cross. "Come straight home!" she demanded. "Yes! Pay for the groceries first, then come home!"


Littlebody returned home. He was filthy with mud and food and had a bad mood brewing. The house was full of people.


Gareth from football was there. Simon and the gang from hide and seek were there. Granny and Grandad were there. Mrs Whojits was there. 

And mum was not looking happy.



and so Littlebody explained how nothing had gone well and he had been distracted by all the voices shouting for him that he'd spoilt the football, left his friends hiding in the woods for half an hour until it rained and dropped custard all over Granny's rug. He handed Mrs Whojits her shopping, a pasty goop dripping from the hole in the carrier bag.

"Hmmm" she said, looking a bit disappointed. 

Even though Littlebody is a boy, his eyes welled up with tears. 


Mum sat everyone down.


"Littlebody!" She said, "you've not had a good day, have you?"


"You've been too distracted to focus on anything properly and you've missed out on lots of good things because you rushed away..."



He though of all the fun he'd nearly had and looked at all his friends and people he cared about in the room. Mum was still speaking

"It's important to live life well. To actually be there when good things are going on."


And she opened her Bible and told them all about Jesus appearing to his disciples who were together after he had risen, but that Thomas had missed out. 

He'd been off, away from the others and had missed the most important moment because he had been distracted. 

"If you want to score the goal, she said, you need to stay in the game, to enjoy the custard, stay at the table. And Thomas met Jesus once he was back with the disciples and properly present with them."


"Where are you, Littlebody?"


Littlebody looked at his friends. 

"I'm home" he said, "and I'm staying here now, but tomorrow it's Easter Day, and I'm going to church, because I don't want to miss anything else, who's coming?"

The End

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