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Introductions ...

"If you have done the work make sure it goes as far as possible."

If something is good, it bears repeating, refining and sharing widely. The Methodist Church in the UK is still based on solid principles of Personal Holiness, Social Action, Mission and Evangelism. These spring from a commitment to Christ and a trust in the transforming power of the Cross of Jesus for our complete salvation. It is with a deep love for Jesus and His Word that I approach ministry; always praying, always looking for new ways to help others to engage with the gospel of grace and to be missionaries in our own communities. 

Here are some resources from my own workshop. They work best when the leadership team of a local church add their own flair and vision. If you can borrow and adapt for your own situation - brilliant!


Please let us know via the contact page.

I believe that the Church should Love Jesus, Love his Holy Word, Love each other and Live faithful lives 

Our Mission

To resource the people of God with conviction in their calling as followers of Jesus; to proclaim the Good News with relevance and joy; to equip the Church for the task of evangelism

Our Mission
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