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Our Easter Cross and Prophetic Accidents

It can feel very risky and uncomfortable to ask a church to put a huge cross in the middle of their lawn. Especially when that cross is 'considerably larger' than you anticipated.

The local vision was for a cross at the centre of a labyrinth which led us through the Holy Week narrative. It would be near the garden entrance. It would be visible and accessible to the local community. The intention was for it to be a temporary structure lasting up to 3 weeks.



The cross grew when we stood in our space and saw how big it is. We then looked from across the road and recognised that it must be visible to people as they drive by. I don't work in imperial measurement, but responded confidently with "it should be 14 feet from the ground" thinking, 'That should just about do it...'

The result, as you can see is striking. The congregation and the other churches in the area love it! It is still a temporary structure, sunk into a concrete sheath, the lower portion pf the shaft being encased in plastic so that - come the moment - (which might be to add Christmas lights) it will 'simply slide out'.

The Labyrinth was visited by locals, by friends and families of the Church members, and lasted for 3 weeks after Easter. Then it suffered some vandalism, but as it was a simple construction of rope and ground staples, it was easily taken up. "Can we keep the cross?" It was asked by many people and so it stands, opposite a pedestrian crossing, visible as a sign pf our faith to all people.


It feels like a prophetic accident - a strong statement that shows the heart of our faith and our desire for the cross to be visible.

When you put something like this out, and are able to see the number of people who walk by and look to see what is going on, the people who stop and walk round the labyrinth, you start to realise the power of the pioneering action.


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