A Family Methodist Church in the Heart of the Community

A multi-generational church with a missional heart,

Sprowston Methodist Church is rooted in the centre of the fast-growing town of Sprowston on the edge of the City of Norwich.

A membership of 120 and a weekly attendance of 80, we are always looking for how we can show and share God's love in our lovely community.

This year, we are asking the question; "Can it be done outside?"

We met for our monthly prayer meeting round the fire-pit, wrapped in blankets and prayed for the Community around us. There was considerable interest from passers-by.

Hot Chocolate and toasted marshmallows keep the cold at bay.


There was no question about who this was for... All.

In order to break down some of the barriers to doing mission in our Community, we took advantage of the Summer weather to hold morning service outside.


Church Outside


is excellent for all-ages; the noise vanishes into thin air and nobody tuts at a bit of running around. You can sit under gazebos or in the shade of a handy tree and advertise it well in advance so that the bringing of cushions and blankets can happen.

I like to tell stories rather than go for a full-on exegetical sermon. Story-telling is an excellent way of sharing the love of God in a multi-layered accessible way with plenty of 'audience participation'.

We didn't shy away from holding our Monthly Communion service outside. There is something really special about sharing Communion in the fresh air and within sight of the rest of the world.

We love to put out flasks of freshly brewed coffee as a welcome to people, jugs of cool water and glasses on hand for when a good sing under the hot sun requires a little lubrication! We had wasp sting relief cream and some factor 50 sunscreen on standby.

We are a church that usually projects the songs - we printed a tailor made song sheet for the occasions. This included the Bible Readings so that a memento could be taken away and talked about with curious neighbours and family members.

Communion was an extempore experience, allowing the shape of the Communion Service to flow on the scriptures and discerning of the morning.

Intercessory prayers involved an inflatable globe being thrown to the preacher and the part of the world between the hands was the subject of prayer ... Antarctica, North America, Africa and a cunning spin to include Europe gave the opportunity for the littles to join in.

The collection was take and taken straight in! Lead us not into temptation ....

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