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Not Scared of the Dark

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Is Littlebody really scared? Will he eat an entire packet of Jammie Dodgers? Watch the intro video and then read the story - text available in full on the website for use with your Littlebodies. A bed time story and song all in one...

Littlebody: (Not) Scared of the Dark by Evangeline Epiphany

Intro Lil Wayne “Scared of the Dark” click button for video with lyrics and sing-along

Littlebody was thinking - which was hard work and needed a packet of Jammie Dodgers and a big glass of juice. He was sitting in his chair that had a good view of the road and the telly - the chair that squished nicely and sort of folded him into its cushions like a big cuddle.

The windowsill was nice and handy for his juice and to absently pull another thinking biscuit from the quickly-depleting packet of Jammie Dodgers.

The reason for his deep thoughts was a bit embarrassing - he’d had a couple of uncomfortable encounters and in each one - he’d put on a brave face and told people what they’d needed to hear… but now, he Really Needed someone to tell him it was all okay and that he was right… Another Jammie Dodger made its way from the packet on the windowsill via Littlebody’s hand to his mouth in a seamless motion.

As he chewed, Littlebody remembered…

Two Nights ago, he’d been walking home from his club with a group of friends who lived on his road. It had been dark by seven o’clock when they finished and although Alfie’s big brother, Tobe was with them, he was constantly texting. “Its his girlfriend,” whispered Alfie with raised eyebrows and a brotherly eye-roll. “Think she might be dumping him” - Alfie’s whisper was not exactly confidential and all the friends nodded knowingly. Then, with Tobe still frowning at his phone, they reached the tall, dark house at the bottom of the hill. There were no lights on. There was a huge gate out front with stone horse heads glaring menacingly down at the passers-by from high stone pillars. Tall trees and dark bushes lined the wall, reaching over to touch the heads of Littlebody and his friends as they stopped nearby.

“My sister says this place is weird” said Jules - her face lit from beneath by a torch’s glare.

“My brother says its dangerous” nodded Marty - peering out from her parka

Just then, a squirrel shot out of the trees and everyone jumped, squealing.

Littlebody had taken charge. “Don’t be daft, you lot!” He had said confidently, “I aint afraid of no house! There’s nothing weird, nothing dangerous and that, my friends,” he said with a flourishing gesture at the tree, “was a squirrel.” With that, he had strode past the gates, pulling Jules and Marty along, Alfie keeping up and as they passed the drive gates, the security lights came on. It turned out that the horses had been named: Dobbin and Daisy. “Terrifying” said Jules with a grin and her own eye-roll!

But the thing was - Littlebody had been scared - even though he knew the house wasn’t scary, it had become odd as his friends talked about it and Littlebody arrived home with his heart hammering and enjoyed a long cuddle and a big hot chocolate before bed. He didn’t want to be scared - but sometimes, it just kind of happened.

He fished about in the packet on the windowsill for another Dodger and had a large swig of juice. That was better. He could think about Last Night.

He’d been upstairs trying to sleep when his baby brother had cried out. It was a windy night and the tree was scraping against the window, making a strange squeak which, if you were half asleep, could be mistaken for strange things going on outside. Littlebody had bravely pulled back the curtain to reassure baby brother that it was okay. Baby pointing and crying as Littlebody held him close and showed him that there was nothing to be scared of. Baby had snuggled down in the safety of his brave big brother’s arms and slept soundly, but Littlebody had stared out of the window for ages - just in case… just in case of what? In case it was a weird creature? But the tree tapped and scraped and screeched against the glass with a rhythmic dance that Littlebody had to be convinced that the noise was a perfectly normal response of the glass to the tree… He shivered a bit at the memory and wished that he had someone to tell him it was okay and that he HAD nothing to be scared of. He swallowed some more juice and rammed another biscuit into his mouth, munching thoughtfully.

Across the room, his mum put down her computer and took off her glasses. “Littlebody!” She called his attention… “Littlebody - you’re a million miles away and I’ve just watched you chain eat 10 Jammie Dodgers! What ARE you thinking about”

“Sorry mum - didn’t see you there!” Said Littlebody … and went over to snuggle in close. He told her about how hard it was to be brave. How sometimes he was scared, but kind of knew it wasn’t real and that he had to help the others by being strong even when he wanted to run away and hide from the noises and the dark places and the weird rumours of danger.

She passed him a banana, which he peeled without looking at it.

“I don’t want to be scared mum!” He said, “I just want to feel safe - for everyone to feel safe and know that the dark isn’t scary - it’s just -well, dark! And that noises are just noises … but sometimes I convince myself they are scary. It’s silly, but ….” As he trailed off, he began to eat his banana.

This gave mum time to talk to him.

“The dark is just the time when the world can rest. God sees as clearly in the dark as he does in the night. He knows it’s not full of scary things - it’s just dark and when you told the truth of the dark house with the horses being okay and told Baby Brother that the scary noise was just coming from the tree, you helped people to see the light. Daisy and Dobbin were sweet statues when you could see them and the tree knocking on the window has your tyre swing on it - Good things.”

Littlebody swallowed his banana. “Mum, is light sometimes telling the truth about things so they stop being weird and scary?”


“Mum, you know Jesus is the light of the World, is that the same?”

“Yes Littlebody! Jesus’ light is truth and love. He chases away darkness and makes us full of light too. Jesus in the World is Light for all.”


Now Littlebody stopped eating and talking and listening. His head rested on mum’s arm - all that bravery and thinking had worn him out and he was soon fast asleep. Mum covered him with a blanket, kissed him on his forehead and, turning off the light, she left him snoring peacefully on the sofa.

The End.

Outro: Lil Wayne “Scared of the Dark”

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