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Bowthorpe Road

A Community Focus 
Serving the Chinese Language Speaking Communities
of East Norfolk & Norwich


Bowthorpe Road Methodist Church has an average attendance of 120, including 40 children and youth. They are led by Pastor Edmond and a leadership team; I am their Ordained Minister and am very much part of the Church family.


Bowthorpe Road is near the University UEA & the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. It is well situated for people to travel into from all over the region in order to share together in worship and fellowship. The members are predominantly Chinese Language speaking and all the main services are translated into at least 2 other languages.

Our main languages are Mandarin, Cantonese and English although more than 12 languages are represented by the members.

We eat together regularly, enjoy hosting events and have a strong programme for discipleship on Mondays. We enjoy visits from speakers from Epsom and Kings Cross as well as East Malaysia and Hong Kong. From our own members, we now have 6 people who are preaching in this church and the Norwich Circuit.

Having relaunched into a newly built church, designed especially for our work (2018), there is now an evolving English Speaking service with a cafe style feel and a fresh desire to serve the local community.

This includes outreach and discipleship to the University and Hospital and the East Norfolk Chinese speaking Communities as well as good relationship with Ivy Court Care home.


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